Expertise and entrepreneurial spirit

In most cases the solutions to complex challenges aren’t straightforward. But it’s always worth striving for simplicity and reducing complexity as much as possible. This means being familiar with a wide variety of stakeholders with diverse and often rapidly changing needs and expectations. When we work together, it helps to be able to draw on the advice of consultants with an entrepreneurial mindset and specialists with a deep mastery of design.

Advice on the individual level

Communication follows strategy: A good strategy sets down objectives and ways of achieving them and shows how to put it all into practice. We adhere to this principle. We provide advice and support on a distinctly individual level with the goal of achieving results. We can support you in the following areas:

  • Financial and capital market communications
  • Financial and non-financial reporting
  • ESG communications
  • Corporate communications and marketing at the corporate level
  • Investor relations

Com­muni­cation and a conceptual approach

We work systematically in line with a jointly agreed approach. This eliminates the risk of costly and time-consuming slack. We remain flexible to be able to respond to new developments. Typical jobs include:

  • Communications audits
  • Analysing audiences and content
  • Developing communications strategies and concepts
  • Developing corporate social responsibility strategies
  • Setting and managing topics
  • Content and editorial

There’s more to publishing than meets the eye

To implement your solutions productively we work with first-class designers, content specialists and technicians with expertise in the entire range of channels. Our customers benefit from an integrated service package spanning analysis and defining goals to production. We offer you support in the following areas:

  • Evaluating specialists for implementation
  • Cross-media production
  • Financial and non-financial reporting
  • Sustainability publications
  • Production budgeting and cost control
  • Performance measurement, analysis and recommendations

Efficient organisation

Different companies require different levels of external advice and support, depending on what know-how and resources they have in house. We have the expertise to help you achieve the optimum interplay of internal and external capabilities. In this area we can offer the following support:

  • Reviewing organisational structures
  • Assessing the personnel resources required.
  • Quantifying internal and external resources from an efficiency point of view
  • Support with building and optimising internal resources
  • Using our network for recruitment
  • Coaching internal communications specialists